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Honest Moving Company reviews on Lemoore Meathead Movers

48 total customer reviews
Chris R.

Local Residential Move from Lemoore to Bakersfield

June 23, 2016

I really enjoyed my two movers. They were great!

Julie C.

Local Residential Move from Kerman to Lemoore

May 14, 2016

Care in the packing of my furniture so as to not get damaged . Nice friendly workers with positive attitude.

William K.

Local Residential Move from Hanford to Lemoore

March 29, 2016

To start they were exactly on time to the minute. Quick walk-thru, got the game plan down and executed. We had some horrible constructed stairs in our apartment and they were able to maneuver everything with ease and didn't damage anything at all. A few minor things came up that we were able to figure out together but that is expected in a move. Fast and efficient and overall very excellent customer service. Continued working until the exact time permitted. The VIP chair was a nice touch. Thank you MEATHEAD MOVERS! A+++++

Cathy H.

Local Residential Move from Lemoore to Hanford

October 5, 2015

They were great !!!!

Tracy H.

No Transport Residential Move from Lemoore to Hanford

July 19, 2015

Everything. The guys were professional, helpful, & willing to accomadate me with any detail of moving my things into place and rearraging boxes to make my unpacking easier for me later. This was the fastest & easiest move I've ever experienced. I will definitely refer this business to anybody I know who's moving.

Cindy S.

Local Residential Move from Lemoore to Fresno

June 19, 2015

I recently had a move with Meathead- the moving company with student athletes. Not only is this false advertising, but they will provide you with a nightmare move. When they began moving my items, which were all boxed, sealed and ready to go, they complained the entire time. Living in the Central Valley, it does get warm during the summer. However, I was promised that two strong, athletes would be moving me and that the warmth would not bother them. On the contrary, they not only moved slowly, but did not even come with water so I had to provide both water and gatorade for them. Since they showed up late in the morning, they felt it best to drive extremely fast on the way to my new home (with my antique items and China inside). I had to go over the speed limit to catch up with them. In addition, one of the men said he had a late night the day before and did not feel well. The entire time he was profusely sweating all over my items. In the middle of moving my mother's antique armoire, he stopped, dropped his end of the armoire and threw up in my bathroom. He used my bathroom continually after that for more times than I can count and did not even have the courtesy to wash his hands. Due to his illness, he left the other man alone to set up my antique bedroom set. I had to help him, a grown woman with arthritis and an extremely bad back. There is nothing athletic about this company. The one man could barely walk let alone "Jog while not carrying items". This move is now costing me additional money because my items, not to mention my bathroom, needs to be cleaned and sanitized. I am extremely dissatisfied and would never recommend this expensive moving company, that does not meet any of their guarantees, to anyone.

Ladeena B.

Local Residential Move from Clovis to Lemoore

May 2, 2015

The boys were friendly and professional given their ages.

Chris R.

Local Residential Move from Bakersfield to Lemoore

April 16, 2015

Bill C.

Long Distance Residential Move from Morro Bay to Lemoore

May 14, 2012

Be more forthcoming and accurate about time needed to complete a move. Movers yesterdayhadto return an employe back to slo from morro bay causing a one hour delay in delivery schedule. He could have easily driven to MB and back to slo in his own vehicle, saving me a very valuable hour of scheduling.

Mike F.

Long Distance Residential Move from Morro Bay to Lemoore

July 30, 2011

We truly appreciate the professionalism of all of the staff members we have met in our two moves with Meathead Movers. The young men who moved our household goods were extremely polite and very careful. There was no damage to any furniture or boxed items. They were quick, thorough, diligent and courteous. We certainly will use Meathead Movers again!

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