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Norman K.

Local Residential Move from Fountain Valley to Laguna Woods

July 16, 2017

Definite pricing with guaranteed max On time Good communications

Phyllis F.

No Transport Residential Move in Laguna Woods

June 20, 2017

Showed up on time Friendly Worked without stopping Very helpful and understanding my needs Finish on time

Maria N.

No Transport Residential Move in Laguna Woods

May 4, 2017

You are on time, respectful, funny and most of all hard and fast workers. Thank you Mike & Rafael for your hard work couldn't have done it without Meat Head's personnel..... Maria

Maria N.

No Transport Residential Move in Laguna Woods

April 28, 2017

You are very prompt to response and are on time. Your employees are sweet, strong and very respectful. Both Ladies & gentlemen. God Bless them all, Maria

Linda G.

No Transport Residential Move from Laguna Woods to Buda

April 16, 2017

Dorothy E.

Local Residential Move from Tustin to Laguna Woods

April 8, 2017

Your employees were very pleasant, respectful an courteous. They worked hard, that I must say. There were a few problems. Number one is they are not properly trained. There was an obvious new guy with them this date, but it slowed down how the other two worked. They insist on hefting boxes with their hands and carrying to the truck. Use of a dolly would have saved time and energy. They needed to show the new guy how to wrap things with pads. It was a tedious undertaking. Seems like the instructor was wrapping a Xmas present. The bed coming out of the bedroom took an enormous amount of time. they were trying to move the matterss long side up but of course it scraped the door jamb. I suggested they put it down and move move the mattress and box springs on its side. They assured me it would not fit that way. After many struggles they asked me how it got brought in. Finally the lead guy came in and turned it over, boom they slid through the doorway. I went outside and the truck was barely loaded. The crew explained that they were trying to load as efficiently as possible, I think they meant arranging in a logical fashion. I am sure this can be eyeballed when they first enter the home, what to bring out first, second and so on. It was tedious. Now there is stuff in the house, in the truck and on the sidewalk. I watched as outside two of the guys struggled with the ironing board. It was folded up until they picked it up and it spread open a bit. Two of them struggled on how to fold it up. Really, two of them. I went over and showed them how to press the lever and up it goes. Really two of them in awe of an ironing board. Finally we got loaded and made it to the new home. They were instructed to put furniture in living room, bed in bedroom and other stuff to 1 bedroom. They stacked so poorly in the bedroom, that items were brought into the living room. The reason is they put a few things in the back of the room and then put stuff in front of that without stacking until full in back. My daughter and I had to later re-stack the room It was a poor job of stacking for sure. They also had some boxes that were destined for the carport storage. They again did the worst job of stacking I have ever experienced Again, a few things in back and then stack at the front. apparently there was a broon in the cabinet and instead of taking that out they stacked on top of it and put a microwave on its side because the broom was in the way. Again my daughter and I had to re-stack. You can see from the hours that that was a very long day. From estimate of 3 hours to over 7 or 8. It was a tedious move. I have moved many times, and acknowledge that it is hard to judge. I also have moved my self many times and can tell what and how to move efficiently. By the way the lead guy broke the bracket on the bed that holds up the mattress since it is an adjustable bed.

Michael O.

Local Residential Move in Laguna Woods

February 14, 2017

Very efficient and also very respectful

Ruth C.

No Transport Residential Move in Laguna Woods

December 18, 2016

The young men who moved our furniture worked continuously. They did everything I asked them to do and then some. They helped me fix a couple of pieces of furniture and were quite good at problem solving. I highly recommend this company.

Cynthia R.

Long Distance Residential Move from Grover Beach to Laguna Woods

November 21, 2016

We had a positive experience with Meathead Movers. The young men who handled the move were prompt, courteous, accommodating, hard-working, and patient. No complaints there. My only suggestion would be for them to learn to put themselves in the shoes of their clients and work to make the after-the-move experience a great one! Doing a few little extra things that wouldn’t have taken much extra time, would have left us feeling even better about the experience. 1) We had a split delivery and I packed quite a few boxes ahead of time and labeled them "S" for storage and "H" for home. We ended up with some "S" boxes inside the house which meant we had to take them to storage ourselves. Not a big deal, but more careful sorting would have left a really positive impression. 2) I explained that I wanted the boxes in storage placed so that the labels could be read and I asked that the items be placed around the perimeter of the space to make them easily accessible. (Plenty of room to do that.) We ended up with some boxes high up in a corner, blocked by a table, and turned so that I can’t read the labels. Again, not a big deal but rotating the boxes and leaving a little walking space behind the table would have left us saying, “That was really thoughtful of them …” 3) The boxes that Meathead packed weren’t labeled in any way and so we have idea what’s inside them. Quickly jotting “Kitchen” or “Dishes” or the like would have been really helpful. But, that said, I think that ours was a difficult move for many reasons, and I think the movers did a great job! Many thanks.

Ruth C.

No Transport Residential Move in Laguna Woods

November 2, 2016

Young men really worked hard and stored everything.

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