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Pat K.

Local Residential Move from Hanford to Kingsburg

April 22, 2016

Both movers very polite.

Karen K.

Local Residential Move from Fowler to Kingsburg

February 29, 2016

Men were very personable, professional, careful with my furniture, and quick - no fooling around, no texting while working, but also quick to converse with me with humor, no cussing or foul language. Just very impressionable young men. I was very impress with the entire operation. The staff that helped me plan the whole operation were great - very assuring with all my concerns both before and follow-up after all was completed. I can't say enough good about your company. Very impressed and would, without hestitation to anyone who was looking for amoving company. Thank for making what was a very emotional and stressful event, a very smooth and simple time. Well done!!

Hali B.

No Transport Commercial Move in Kingsburg

February 5, 2016

Everyone was very professional and the movers were very efficient. They were careful with all of our stuff and were very friendly!

Sovi R.

Local Residential Move in Kingsburg

December 10, 2015

Professional team of young adults, they handled my stuff with the upmost care. They were considerate when moving about my house asking permission before entering rooms. They wiped their feet before coming in, they said yes ''mam" and were courteous when speaking to one another as well. They performed their tasks as a team, maneuvering heavy furniture with ease! These young men have excellent work ethic! They REALLY DO run while they're not holding my stuff! Great team, worth every dime I payed!

Elaine C.

Local Residential Move from Lemore to Kingsburg

September 24, 2015

Moving is stressful, and not having quality movers could have made it to much worse. These young men were so professional, attentive, neat, organized and fast. They wrapped every piece of furniture and still made the move ahead of schedule. They were patient too. Thank you for making this part of the move so easy and dress-free.

Dennis I.

No Transport Residential Move from Reedley to Kingsburg

September 14, 2015

Jeremy and Fernando were nice kids, courteous and positive attitudes, but were not particularly fast or efficient. Moving took longer than it should have and we got less moved than we anticipated. I suggest they carry tape measures to confirm sizes of what needs to be moved, and how much space exists. I think we did not receive maximum bang for our buck.

Sharon L.

Local Residential Move in Kingsburg

August 14, 2015

The men were very good. They showed up on time, were friendly and took good care of our furniture.

Joanne R.

No Transport Residential Move in Kingsburg

July 23, 2015

They were nice boys but took much too long to load us and we had to pay for 1-1/2 additional hours. My husband had to tell them how to do things especially the refrigerator.

Ben V.

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Kingsburg

July 19, 2015

Nick Studebaker and Frenando Ortiz were vey professional and courteous as well as prompt . I was very impress with your staff in assisting me in my move. I will definitely refer you to my friends and relatives in assisting them in their moves. Thanks, Ben Viramontes

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