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Alex O.

Local Residential Move from Irvine to Lake Forest

September 4, 2014

The disappointment was I gave the two movers instructions on directions and explicitly said Google Maps might not give the right directions since it is a new community. They got lost and it took them an extra hour to get to my new place. From the old address to the new address it is a 15 min drive. They were slow to pack up the blankets at the end which cost me extra time. They moved the stuff well but the overall experience was a bit of a disappointment.

Elizabeth S.

Local Residential Move from Irvine to Corona Del Mar

September 3, 2014

Time efficient and very careful about moving without breaking. Items.

Jennifer P.

No Transport Commercial Move in Irvine

August 25, 2014

Very friendly, professional, quick, and attentive. Kevin and his team have been great both times we have used Meathead Movers. I'm very impressed.

Amie J.

No Transport Residential Move from Coto de Caza to Irvine

August 10, 2014

The movers were very friendly and worked fast and efficiently. I will definately use them again!

David C.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

August 7, 2014

Competent, knowledgeable and careful. These guys were great!

June Q.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

July 30, 2014

Friendly, efficient, caring, professional,on-time moving services provided today by Kevin Parra and Sean Martin! I would highly recommend Meathead Movers to anyone who needs moving services! June & Dennis Quatrine

Catiane S.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

July 20, 2014

Professional, motivated, excellent!

Carrie M.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

July 2, 2014

Very friendly, on-time, fast, cautious, courteous, hard working

April T.

Local Residential Move from Irvine to Los Angeles

June 23, 2014

There were a number of issues: 1) Lack of transparency with the sales representation: I felt that there was some miscommunication between myself and the sales representative. My opinion is that she should have been more forthcoming about the time needed to move given the list of items I provided. She said that I could just stop the movers when a certain number of hours had passed to try to keep the costs down (which was important to me), but this really didn't seem possible during the move. When I spoke to the moving team leader, he looked at the inventory list and said, "This will be an 8-hour move." Fine, I just wish the sales rep had really just told me the truth at the beginning and I could have planned accordingly. Even if it was an honest mistake, I felt like it came off dishonest. And there is a big difference between $850 and $1500. 2) I also wish the sales rep would have told me the movers required a lunch at 12 noon and that they would have been "working since 7am" according to the moving team (because they were coming from far away). I completely understand that a team requires a lunch, of course, but I would have moved up the arrival time from 10am to 9am to compensate. I had a very tight schedule to try to miss the bulk of LA traffic. Because we didn't get on the road until 1pm, the truck took 1.5 hours rather than 1 hour (50 minutes no traffic). At double drive time, I paid for a hour more of service that was not really needed. I know the traffic extremely well and it really does make a difference to leave anytime after 12:45. If I'd ever thought the move would be more than 6 hours, I would have realized they needed a lunch, but good service means the sales rep provides this information. 3) When the moving team arrived they said there were no boxes listed on their form. The inventory Meathead Movers sent to my email does have 35 boxes, so I don't know how those disappeared from then to the actual contract/information given to the movers. I haven't checked back through the contract I signed, and again, that is probably my fault. But nevertheless, the customer isn't necessarily going to assume that the boxes would disappear between the inventory and the contract. This was very awkward for me when the movers arrived and told me this. They said they would take them, but it felt like it was a "favor" and made me uncomfortable. 4) The last time I used Meathead Movers, I had a great experience and no damage to my items. This time, I had significant damage to several items. Most of it I didn't notice until later, but it is unacceptable. 2) Again, last time I used Meathead Movers, I had an amazing team that would run back and forth from the truck and really showed outstanding teamwork and professionalism. While I think the moving team supervisor was very professional, I wouldn't say the workers were the fastest team. If given a choice, I wouldn't choose them again. The other two movers would make jokes at the team leaders expense (when he couldn't hear) and seemed to chat away at the truck. I felt like I had to come down to "make sure" they were moving quickly. Again, I'm just comparing this to my previous experience with Meathead where I never felt like I had to do that. Because I had such an amazing experience the last time I used Meathead (and I said so on my Yelp review from 2011), I'm disappointed in this service. I could have paid another lower-rate service $500 less for the move, but I wanted everything to go smoothly and with no damage. Part of the issue this time was miscommunication with the sales rep on my part, but a great deal was low service in terms of damage to my items and overall transparency in the process. I'm sorry to say I won't be using your services again.

Dingge F.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

June 20, 2014

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