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Honest Moving Company reviews on Irvine Meathead Movers

337 total customer reviews
Chris P.

Long Distance Residential Move from Foster City to Irvine

September 27, 2013

Speed of packing and loading, even unloading. Price is reasonable. Very easy to get things setup, especially if you are a return customer. Every time we move, we constantly get asked by on-lookers on how to get Meathead to move them.

Susan A.

Long Distance Residential Move from Camarillo to Irvine

August 6, 2013

Everything from beginning to end. Everyone was very pleasant, professional and always anticipated our needs. Greg, Aaron and Sheldon. They were "Exceptional" We would give them a 12 star rating. They went above and beyond what our expectations were. We highly recommend Meathead Movers to move anything anywhere. Thank you for your exceptional service. Susan & Jerry Ashcraft

Audrey P.

Long Distance Residential Move from Irvine to Tehachapi

August 6, 2013

Even though I was advised the crew did not know how to install a Murphy bed, they should have paid more attention when taking it apart. My brother-in-law and I spent 4 hours yesterday taking apart what Casey did and put it all back together again. The bed uses 2 different types of screws - machine and wood. More attention should have been noted where the machine screws went and where the wood screws went. We had to switch most of the screws and install them in the correct locations. I only highlight this due to the fact the machine screws clearly did not fit where the wood screws were installed. They were sticking out from the side panels about an inch or so and it was very evident Casey didn't know what he was doing. Furthermore the side cabinets were not set flush against the center cabinet. Also, it was indicated it was attached to the wall hovever none of the screws were put in a stud. Also, when is someone going to call me regarding the broken glass on the curio cabinet? Otherwise the guys were very good and FDIC a really nice job with very helpful attitudes. Thanks! Audrey Post

Matthew F.

Local Residential Move from Newport Beach to Irvine

July 8, 2013

Extremely professional - from the first call to the final payment. Outstanding.

Jeffrey B.

Local Residential Move in Irvine

June 26, 2013

I liked the multiple follow-up calls prior to moving date. The movers were on time and were able to move me in the least amount of time quoted on the contract. The thing is I used Meathead movers twice, I recomended them to my wifes boss which in turn used them to move his company. I was embarrassed, They only sent two movers to move all this stuff which was clearly a 3 or 4 man job, they were not running when their hands were empty and then they had to come back two days later to finnish the job. Based on what I saw I may not recommend Meat head movers again. Its never a good sign 30 min into the move to see one of the two movers laying on his back doing nothing. Again I felt really bad for my wifes boss who took my advise to hire Meat head movers. Prior to this incident I thought highly of MeatHead movers but now.....I don't know, I wish they would call my wife's boss and give him a refund or something to make things right, then I would feel positive about the comapany again. jeff

Chris P.

Long Distance Residential Move from Irvine to Foster City

April 10, 2013

I do find that members of the various teams all know each other, and this seems to help with making the customer service better than your typical mover. Every employee is friendly and seems to have helping their customer as a high priority. Everyone works with you in what ever ways you need.

Cortney A.

No Transport Residential Move in Irvine

March 9, 2013


Cason G.

Local Residential Move from Irvine to Lake Forest

February 14, 2013

Everyone was super-friendly, highly capable and very careful. In terms of damage to items or homes, this move went off without a hitch, and that is truly rare.

Ying C.

Local Residential Move in Irvine

November 15, 2012

Clean cut hard workers.. That did not waste any time came in assessed to situation and finished th job. Also conducted themselves in a professional manner! Good Job guys!.

Kelly B.

Long Distance Residential Move from Irvine to Carpinteria

November 5, 2012

Had an all-around good experience with Meathead Movers, starting with the gals in the office who set up the paperwork. I appreciated the competitive price and "not to exceed" estimate. And the "meatheads" who moved my furniture were fast, upbeat, and professional. Entire process was went perfectly. Thanks!

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