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Hidden Hills

Honest Moving Company reviews on Hidden Hills Meathead Movers

10 total customer reviews
Mary B.

Local Residential Move from Hidden Hills to Calabasas

January 15, 2019

Neil B.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Hidden Hills

September 15, 2018

The Guys were awesome, professional and efficient. We are delighted we hired you

Kiley Norvell

Long Distance Residential Move from Fresno to Hidden Hills

September 4, 2017

The people that I worked with were so nice and helpful. They worked hard the entire time (even during this crazy heat wave) and we chatted the entire time. I genuinely enjoyed their company; they made my move so much better than it would've been otherwise. Plus, my service representative got me a present, and I LOVE gifts. He was wonderful to begin with, but I didn't expect him to go out of his way like that. The best words to describe Meathead Movers are "above and beyond," because that's what they're always doing!

Marci B.

Local Residential Move from Hidden Hills to Montecito

June 17, 2017

Movers were very professional, hardworking and helpful

Marci B.

No Transport Residential Move in Hidden Hills

May 24, 2017

Everyone was professional and very helpful. They arrived on time and prepared

Monica K.

Local Residential Move from Hidden Hills to Encino

February 5, 2014

Reliable, very positive and willing attitude, no surprises, made our move seamless. Well done!

Marty A.

Local Residential Move from Hidden Hills to Westlake Village

June 29, 2013

Alice R.

Long Distance Residential Move from Hidden Hills to Palm Desert

June 9, 2013

Very efficient - felt like everything was very well organized.

Jean T.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Hidden Hills

June 5, 2013

The reason I accepted yours, the highest rate of all interviewed movers is that after talking to your salesman I thought that you could handle my most treasured antique secretary. Not more than 1/2 hour after arriving at our new home less than 10 minutes away from my old house I was informed that indeed it had been shattered. This is because your movers didn't know NOT to put the top chest on it's side rather than standing it up on the base. This should be common knowledge to any seasoned mover. All the presure was resting on the two hand blown glass doors. I stressed to everyone of the group and the salesperson that this piece was priceless. had been transported across the ocean hundreds of years ago on a ship. The across this country in a wagon, but your Meatheads couldn't carry it safely from Agoura California to Calabasas! I am devastated!!It will never been worth what it was without the original glass and the 10k of insurance will in no way cover the loss. I leave tomorrow for France and will have to deal with this upon my return June 20th. In the meantime I will try to find an Antique restoration expert who can advise me of how to proceed with the repair. Sincerely upset, Jean M. Thoren BTW, this was not the only piece that was damaged,but for me, it was the only piece that mattered and your staff knew and understood that in no uncertain terms. If they didn't think they could get it here safely I would have hoped that they would decline to move it in the first place.

Ronda H.

No Transport Residential Move in Hidden Hills

June 17, 2011

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