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Honest Moving Company reviews on Glendale Meathead Movers

74 total customer reviews
Brandon N.

Local Residential Move from Santa Ana to Glendale

December 7, 2020

Brenda M.

Local Residential Move from Los Angeles to Glendale

November 30, 2020

The movers were very organized, friendly, and quick

Valentino R.

Local Residential Move in Glendale

November 15, 2020

The team was very professional. They were mindful and considerate of the process. They packed every with care and attention to detail. They were friendly and thoughtful. They were really fast! Got everything packed up and moved at a quick pace. Great team and great work!

Max L.

No Transport Residential Move in Glendale

November 12, 2020

Michael P.

Local Residential Move in Glendale

October 31, 2020

You smashed my wall. Wrote up a damage report. We're suppose to call me regarding repair today. You never called. That sucks. You forgot to bring boxes. That sucks. I'm here now packing and moving stuff I hired you to do. That sucks. Please have your owner call me. Mike Phillips CPA 310 614 1378

Colette F.

Interstate Residential Move from Glendale to San Luis Obispo

October 24, 2020

Amber T.

Local Residential Move from Glendale to Woodland Hills

March 15, 2020

Great service. The guys were friendly. They moved very quickly and efficiently.

Gavin B.

Local Residential Move from Azusa to Glendale

November 9, 2019

Thom D.

Local Residential Move in Glendale

November 5, 2019

Did a Yelp for ya ~ A piece of very heavy furniture! No, I did not film your crew loading up my worldly possessions, as I happened to be a bit busy during my big move day, with me new MEATHEAD buds ??. "Superior" service company! From my initial quote with (actually, friendly folk's,) specific item/billing review (with an Area Account Manager,) and delivery to my business ~~~~ ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS. Meathead uses: vented, friendly professional movers ,,, that move like they have a damn PURPOSE! Do not take a chance moving your valuables with anyone else. My crew accomplished their task ahead of my anticipated day charge. Although they weren't the pretty young creatures on their advertisement, it's cool. I read somewhere that dudes are smarter AND stronger. Should there be any meathead ladies that would like to challenge my two freaken bulls; let's set up a fair challenge. Yeah, a fair challenge means; ladies don't show and lose! Excuse my rant. In closing, need to move? Call MEATHEAD MOVERS ~ knucklehead! Peace Out ¥

Bonnie C.

Local Residential Move from Glendale to Irvine

September 23, 2019

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