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Jason S.

Local Residential Move from San Diego to Escondido

March 21, 2020

The actual movers and packers were great. That being said, I have paid far less for movers and got way better communication and value throughout the process. As it stands I am now having to find other movers to finish the job. I believe Meathead Movers could use a refresh from the top down in terms of setting the expectation and actual delivery of their service. I would give the overall time I spent on the phone working with these matters an F as well as far as scheduling. I disclosed what i have in possession and now left finishing up the move myself because Meathead couldn't deliver. Additionally. I wouldn't recommend using the student athlete and former NFL player as a sales pitch. As a former D-1 Linebacker that graduated school with a 3.2 GPA in four years I can assure you an organization like this would have been more likely riding the pine than getting in the game. Very disappointed and unsatisfied customer. I will add again however the lady who dealt with these issues over the phone was professional and handled it as best as it could have been handled and the movers were professional as well. Unfortunately, Meathead also called me to start off the day a man down in addition to coming without the appropriate materials to get the job done.

Jean M.

Local Residential Move from San Marcos to Escondido

March 20, 2020

Marcus W.

Local Residential Move from San Marcos to Escondido

January 30, 2020

Gerry F.

Local Residential Move from Escondido to Vista

January 18, 2020

Fast and friendly workers

Steven M.

No Transport Residential Move in Escondido

December 16, 2019

Skip P.

No Transport Commercial Move in Escondido

December 13, 2019

Laura K.

No Transport Residential Move in Escondido

August 27, 2019

The two young men who moved my husband and I were prompt, courteous, very considerate of where we wanted our furniture and other items to be placed, and even put our bed together for us!!! From the moment we called the phone number to get an estimate, everyone we spoke with was helpful and truly cared for our moving needs. We have already told our apartment manager and others about our wonderful experience with Meathead Movers!

Cheryl T.

Long Distance Residential Move from Nipomo to Escondido

June 7, 2019

The people were all wonderful!

Carol P.

Long Distance Residential Move from visalia to Escondido

May 21, 2019

Devon B.

No Transport Residential Move in Escondido

March 29, 2019

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