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Student Athlete Movers


El Cajon

Honest Moving Company reviews on El Cajon Meathead Movers

12 total customer reviews
Sharon K.

No Transport Residential Move in El Cajon

January 31, 2014

They were prompt, energetic, efficient, and friendly. Good work Princess Packers. The movers come on Sunday!

Leslie M.

Long Distance Residential Move from Los Osos to El Cajon

February 21, 2013

Virtually EVERYTHING...but in particular, the two unbelievably strong and FAST and intelligent guys, Adam and Laramie, who moved from San Luis Obispo to San Diego CA all the worldly possessions (including one aged freaked-out cat who hid in a box spring over four days w/o food or water) of a very distraught woman who lost her husband to a heart attack during the move. It's still difficult for me to comprehend how two SUCH young men could possibly possess the compassion and empathy...and wisdom...these two wrapped me in to get me through my crisis. God bless and guide them throughout their lives...THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST! Honors also go to Quentin, who toiled with Adam and Laramie during that first long, long day of the move.

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