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Colleen G.

Local Residential Move from Chino Hills to Diamond Bar

November 14, 2015

Everything! Excellent service, very professional.

Nathaniel M.

Local Residential Move from Diamond Bar to Redondo Beach

November 17, 2014

The whole process was a lot slower then anticipated. I felt the crew took a long time to wrap furniture. Yes, they jogged from the truck to the unit, but I didn't find them to be the most efficient with their time, while collecting items and loading into the truck. There was also a change order due to the distance from the street to our new location, which is fine, but this was not even identified until we got to the new location. I felt the expectations were poor and not explained really well. The crew also took a lunch, also more then okay, but this was not explained beforehand that this was going to happen. It was hard to plan and schedule when it becomes unclear how the move will take place time frame wise.

Colleen G.

Local Residential Move from Montebello to Diamond Bar

July 16, 2014

Professional, thorough, and fast!

Rene M.

No Transport Residential Move from Diamond Bar to Wesminster

February 1, 2014

It took way to long unloading the furniture and boxes and getting them up into the apartment. The excuse that the elevator was slow is not the real reason it took so long between loads. In my humble opinion after having moved a dozen times in my 30+ year career, I think I spent 2-3 hours more on labor than I needed to. In addition, I understand that these guys need a lunch break, but going somewhere to pick up lunch and then not driving the 12 miles and being ready to go at the end of the half to hour they took for lunch is unacceptable. We told them we had to get the truck back by 5pm when Budget closes or I have to pay for another whole day rent on the truck. Since we didn't finish the unload of the truck until after 6:30 pm, I did end up paying another whole day rent on the truck. All in all I ended up paying about $400 more than I think I should have. and not driving down to the unload site while eating.

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