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Serena S.

Local Residential Move from Dana Point to Long Beach

October 30, 2019

Great! Really helped me!

Alexandra S.

Local Residential Move from Dana Point to San Juan Capistano

July 30, 2019

Very friendly and helpful and polite!!

Judy F.

No Transport Residential Move in Dana Point

July 19, 2019

Prompt and efficient. Very nice young men.

Rosemary M.

No Transport Residential Move in Dana Point

June 27, 2019

The girls that packed me up were very sweet. They kept everything very organized.

Jane Y.

Local Residential Move from Dana Point to Laguna Niguel

June 16, 2019

April B.

Local Residential Move from Ladera ranch to Dana Point

May 3, 2019

The guys were great and they were really working hard. They were super helpful and friendly and professional. The move just took a lot longer than I anticipated. We have always had four movers and two trucks and the same amount of stuff. It just has never taken this long. We usually pay about $2,500. We were bummed because we really wanted a move to start earlier in the day and we could only get 10am. They arrived at 10:30. At 12:30 they had to take a break because two of the guys came from another job and had been working for 5 hours already. I guess I figured the other two could keep working so at least two were working? They didn't get back to work until about 2pm. It just extended the day two hours into the job. My cleaner wasn't able to get the house cleaned as quickly and started because it was 1-1/2 hours longer that they were done at the house due to the lunch break so we didn't get out of the house for a lot longer. I have never had a mover stop mid-way through for a lunch break. I think they would normally break on the way to the new house. It just slows it all down which makes my move more expensive. Then when they got the new house they changed crews again and two new guys came and two other guys from Oxnard left. I feel like if there weren't all of those changes it would have been quicker as well. Also, when I was on the phone I was told if we get to the maximum hours then if we run over it doesn't matter, but it's just the flat rate highest amount, but instead he was saying I would need to pay overtime yesterday. Thankfully, we didn't need to do that. They folded the moving blankets as they went along. In the past I think my movers usually just throw them in the truck vs taking time to fold the blankets. The man on the phone said they try to usually get it done with the minimum time don't often to go the max time. In my head I thought there's no way we will be 7-8 hours so if it's a few extra hours and ends up at around $2,500 it's what we usually pay, but it just kept taking so long and then it was 8 full hours and $3,700 later. We paid only $2,500 I think to move from SD to OC and that was done in less time with the longer drive included. At the end of the day the stuff is not broken and it's done, but I will probably go with another company next time due to the cost and how long it took and that fact that they took that long lunch that extended the day which I wasn't warned about ahead of time. They also had a crew from out of the area and maybe not working together makes things slower too as they aren't as familiar with how they work or something. I am not sure. All of that stuff just seemed to make it drag on. I am a bit bummed.

Barbara S.

No Transport Residential Move in Dana Point

May 1, 2019

Barbara S.

No Transport Residential Move in Dana Point

May 1, 2019

The four guys who worked with us today were thoughtful, courteous, smart and incredibly hard-working. They were also just plain nice. What a pleasant aspect of always-stressful moving!

Barbara S.

No Transport Residential Move in Dana Point

April 30, 2019

The people were delightful — and very hard working. We couldn’t have asked for better service (and we have worked with top-rated, “white glove” services shipping our goods from the East Coast). Thank you so much!

Helen M.

Local Residential Move from Laguna Niguel to Dana Point

March 20, 2019

Hard-working, friendly,professional and efficient team!

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