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Honest Moving Company reviews on Coalinga Meathead Movers

16 total customer reviews
Roberta Atkinson

Local Residential Move from Coalinga to Fresno

August 25, 2017

I wanted someone to come in person to get an accurate estimate because I had no idea how many boxes I would have. But your company wouldn't do it. I would have gladly paid to have an estimator come out! So, it didn't fit on 1st try. On 2nd try, our stuff still didn't fit AND the truck broke down. We were in a rural area with no phone service so I had to drive 15 miles to call supervisor. I was told they couldn't do anything about it 'till he talked to his mover. My husband & I were on our way to a vacation and this 2nd move was unforseen. I was not about to go back. Justin said he can't do anything about it and then put mgr on phone who was very unprofessional! We have to rent a U-haul now to get the rest of our property. A VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.

Roberta A.

Local Residential Move from Coalinga to Fresno

August 21, 2017

Go to the house beforehand so that a more accurate accounting takes place. I would have paid extra, but was not even given this option! We had to leave our clothes and furniture in the garage of property thst is no longer ours because the truck was full. This has caused us additional stress and money.

Daniel W.

Local Residential Move from Coalinga to Fresno

May 17, 2016

Professional service, quick and polite.

Daniel W.

No Transport Residential Move in Coalinga

May 16, 2016

Quick and pleasant.

Christy D.

Local Residential Move from Coalinga to Hanford

July 11, 2015

I like the respect the movers have for everything! They took extra special care of all of our furniture and us too. They made it seem as though there was nothing they wouldn't or couldn't do for us. I will use this company again!! Thank you guys for everything. ??

Matt W.

Local Residential Move from Coalinga to Paso Robles

February 28, 2015

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