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Honest Moving Company reviews on Carlsbad Meathead Movers

57 total customer reviews
Neil P.

No Transport Residential Move in Carlsbad

October 2, 2018

Friendly movers. Efficient, no non-sense. NO hidden costs or efforts to bump up the time and charge extra.

Luana W.

No Transport Residential Move from Newport Beach to Carlsbad

August 24, 2018

Paul H.

Local Residential Move from Encinitas to Carlsbad

July 2, 2018

Everyone I spoke with was very professional.

Jeff N.

Local Residential Move from Carlsbad to Vista

May 13, 2018

Lana A.

Long Distance Residential Move from Ventura to Carlsbad

April 23, 2018

Paul G.

Local Residential Move from San Diego to Carlsbad

April 2, 2018

Friendly, fast, and hard working crew.

Teresa Zaret

Local Residential Move from San Clemente to Carlsbad

December 20, 2017

Hello, my wife Teresa Zaret arranged this move from San Clemente to Carlsbad. The prior week we had 2 great guys from Meathead move the bulk of Teresa's belongings to Tustin. Please look this up. The gentlemen were polite, fast, worked hard and showed consideration to us regarding the cost of the move. There was no damage. Our second move on the 17th was another story. The movers were polite enough but moved at a snail's pace loading from San Clemente. I am 62 and would have run circles around these 2. We both felt they milked the clock. At the destination Carlsbad they chose to park on the street rather than shorten the walk and park in the driveway-said truck would not fit, absolutely false. It got to the point where I unwrapped the items (tape and blankets) to save time as it was painful to watch. When it came to sign papers my back was turned to the refrigerator which was damaged in this move and NOT mentioned to us so not until after they left did I see it. I have a photo-please tell me where to send this. In addition there was a questionaire about if the movers deserved a tip-very classless and puts the customer on the spot. I felt obligated but resented this considering their performance. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Frank Massas 760-519-6520

Darryl Taverner

Local Residential Move in Carlsbad

October 30, 2017

Cory Longwell

Local Residential Move in Carlsbad

October 20, 2017

Nancy Shearen

Local Residential Move in Carlsbad

October 14, 2017

Your guys were terrific...polite and thorough and respectful of my possessions.

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