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Honest Moving Company reviews on Calabasas Meathead Movers

87 total customer reviews
Arlene S.

Local Residential Move from Calabasas to Ventura

August 12, 2018

Blair K.

No Transport Residential Move in Calabasas

August 3, 2018

Blair K.

Local Residential Move from Westlake Village to Calabasas

July 18, 2018

The team that moved me was awesome. They were on time, worked quickly, were careful with my expensive furniture, helped out wherever needed, ran between loads and even raced my 4 year old grandson up the driveway in 95 degree heat! Over all rating 10 stars!

Carl M.

Local Residential Move from Calabasas to Moorpark

July 2, 2018

Very nice movers

Tiffanie N.

Local Residential Move from Calabasas to Agoura Hills

April 26, 2018

Lauren F.

Local Residential Move from Studio City to Calabasas

April 2, 2018

We have used Meathead for at least 4 and maybe as many as 6 moves in the past, and have always been extremely satisfied, until this past Saturday. First of all, we hope Aaron is ok, and doing better than my husband's tool chest, which required a sledgehammer to reassemble after Aaron tried to move it alone and it fell on him. We were very concerned about him, but it did mean we lost two movers for the rest of the job. Michael D., the Mentor assigned to coordinate our move, spent half the day on the phone with you complaining about our job, demanded an extra truck (the third) and an extra roughly $1400 to complete the move, even though the second truck ultimately wasn't loaded full and the third truck had next to nothing in it, When I asked him to point out on the inventory how his differed from the estimate to justify the third truck, he dithered for a bit and never did - I finally let it go because so much time was passing. He also said (before lunch, when they had been working less than 1-1/2 hours, as they didn't start until well after 11 for a 10 am move, and didn't have the 8th guy who had been promised until well after 12) that they wouldn't be able to complete the move by 9pm, when they were legally required to stop (hard to believe except maybe for overtime starting). When I said "ok, what will you do with the stuff still on the truck at 9 pm?" he disappeared to call again and said, ok, fine. They left stuff behind, in one case (some metal rods and angle iron that two previous Meathead crews had happily moved before) because "he wasn't allowed to because it was too dangerous." During the final walkthrough, I picked up a bag of empty plastic wraps from some moving blankets we had supplied, and handed it to him (I thought part of the walkthrough was to make sure that they hadn't left moving trash) and he said "why are you giving this to me, it's not ours?" There were many other small instances of an attitude from him of "this is a hard job and I don't want to be doing it" instead of the usual "can-do" attitude we have come to expect from your crews and leaders. At the end of the day, we expressed our frustration and continued to get nothing but "the people in our warehouse made me," and "there's nothing I could have done," even as he acknowledged that the third truck wasn't necessary. It was another mover who suggested that we speak to you. What you can do is remove the charge for the third truck, and straighten him out or get rid of him. I spoke to someone yesterday and was told that Jeremy, our quality assurance manager, would call me Monday morning, and have not yet received a call (10:30 am).

Justin M.

Local Residential Move from Canoga Park to Calabasas

March 26, 2018

That was quick and easy and the guys were so awesome! Thanks!!

Jeri Sterneck

No Transport Residential Move in Calabasas

September 18, 2017


Andy B.

Local Residential Move from Calabasas to Thousand Oaks

August 15, 2017

RJ and Angel were on time, professional and courteous. Everything was wrapped and packed with care. They were polite and did good work.

Jaab V.

Local Residential Move from Malibu to Calabasas

August 10, 2017

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