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Honest Moving Company reviews on Burbank Meathead Movers

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David C.

Local Residential Move in Burbank

April 19, 2017

What's not to like? The Meatheads were extremely professional and knew exactly what they were doing. They made sure that I was aware of everything they were doing. If one finished an assigned task, he would immediately move on to something else without having to ask or be told. And they really do jog!

Hillary I.

Local Residential Move from Studio City to Burbank

March 18, 2017

The move overall went mostly well, but unfortunately it took entirely too long from start to finish. One of my movers, Joseph, had become ill at some point during the morning and informed me toward the end of loading the truck that he may or may not be able to complete the job because he was not feeling well. Honestly, I was wondering what was taking so long and wished he would have told me that from the beginning but I understand he wanted to try to get through the job; so did I! I'm not sure what time the replacement (Skylar) was actually called in, (and I thank him for showing up to work a job he was not scheduled for), but wish that he would have been called in earlier than he was. By the time he arrived to Burbank from the Oxnard office on a Friday evening it was late, close to 6pm (after a 9:45 am arrival). After that, the unloading took less than 3 hours as expected. I appreciate Joseph's honesty and I wish no ill will toward him or the other movers or the company. It was an unfortunate situation for everyone. I do thank everyone involved for their patience and time and for adjusting the charges so that I would not be charged for an 11-hour move to a one-bedroom apartment! I do believe that the move would not have taken much more than 5-6 hours had Joseph been feeling his best. Ralph was a trooper as I can imagine the day must have been frustrating for him, too. Ralph, Joseph and Skylar were all polite and courteous during the move. I thank you all for your service. Hillary Iffrig

Anibal C.

Local Residential Move from Burbank to Simi Valley

March 1, 2017

The guys were frendly and fast. They made what could have been a long day a lot of fun, and a lot easier.

Deron R.

Local Residential Move from Burbank to North Hollywood

February 12, 2017

There was immediate response from the online inquiry and excellent communication prior to the move. The movers where very easy to work with and went out of their way to make the move as pleasant as possible. The movers could not have been anymore nicer or helpful. I would definitely use Meathead Movers again

Sharon K.

Local Residential Move from Glendale to Burbank

January 20, 2017

They didn't seem especially fast. One of the young men seemed a little lost as to what to do. I had an expectation that they would be faster. Probably cost me an extra half hour to an hour.

Joellyn M.

Local Residential Move from Burbank to Ventura

December 31, 2016

my three movers were wonderful, professional and polite they were so helpful to me and to each other. I was very upset over the packing day and the fact that KC allowed someone without the proper training and skill set to pack my job. However, my faith in your company was restored by the movers Fernando, Branden, and Cameron were tops and I could not have been in better hands

Joellyn M.

No Transport Residential Move from Burbank to Ventura

December 31, 2016

I like supporting student athletes and the guys that have come to my houses (I've used Meathead twice) were great! I was disappointed in KC. He sent a very unqualified packer to my house and if he had taken the time to notice I had very expensive crystal and antiques and china, he never would have sent Damian. His skill level was woefully under par for this type of assignment and it was not his fault. He was set up to fail by poor planning on KC's part. I feel it took an extra couple of hours that I paid for to have Damian on the job. I finally had to start working with him as he was trying so hard but had NO CLUE!!!

Kaeli C.

Local Commercial Move in Burbank

December 17, 2016

Quick, efficient, organized and friendly.

Sabra M.

No Transport Commercial Move in Burbank

November 30, 2016

efficient and great customer service.

Stephen S.

Local Residential Move from Burbank to Glendale

October 6, 2016

Experiance with unusual moves.

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