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Larry W.

Local Residential Move from Beverly Hills to Los Angeles

June 13, 2011

We were looking for a full service move, including packing services. Because Meathead Movers includes packing via a separate "sister-company" the packing services were able to be excluded from the Not To Exceed estimate. As an inducement we were given 4 free hours with two packers the day prior to the move, and assumed this would pack a significant fraction of our items. Instead we were left with 1/3 of our kitchen and most of the rest of our apartment to pack ourselves. This was what we had hoped to avoid with a full service move. The idea of using a second company to separate the packing services from the Not To Exceed moving regulations is, in retrospect, starting to seem like a rather underhanded trick, and I am working on an email to saying as much. On the other hand, I was very happy with our move day. That process went smoothly, and the movers were extrememly positive, efficient, and careful with our things. The fact were not completely packed up (due to the packing service issue) did not phase them, and were able to help us get everything out the door within the estimated time. They were also able to manage the potentially difficult parking situation at the destination. They were outstanding. Were it not for the packing service, this would be a 10.

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