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Linda T.

Local Residential Move from Pasadena to Altadena

March 25, 2016

Right from the first call to your company, everyone was very friendly, professional and thorough in identifying in my moving needs will be --- first place I've worked with that asked for a room by room inventory --- excellent way to determine how much work it will take to make the move. The two guys moving my items were very courteous and hard working the entire time they were helping me. What a stress-free, easy move! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Colleen Q.

Interstate Residential Move from Altadena to Bend

January 4, 2016

Professionalism of movers, very efficient and got the job done. I had no concerns on move day!

Hilda D.

Local Residential Move in Altadena

September 19, 2015

Great employees. The were friendly, cheerful, and worked very had and very skillfully. We were completely satisfied.

Andrew F.

Local Residential Move in Altadena

August 25, 2014

Very professional, friendly and hard working!

Kathy C.

Local Residential Move from Pasadena to Altadena

May 15, 2014

Excellent service, care for all items packed, efficient and fast , friendly and knowledgable.

Mia B.

Local Residential Move from Altadena to Alhambra

August 19, 2013

Friendly guys, professional service, awesome experience!

George S.

Local Residential Move from Altadena to Arcadia

May 28, 2013

1) On time every time! 2) very hard working and knowledgeable guys who helped us move. They knew proper moving techniques and frequently communicated difficult and heavy items through our narrow newly painted hallways and refinished hardwood floors without a scratch. 3) very understanding of the difficulties of moving when we finished with the unload and realized I had left my wallet at the old residence! 4) We had more stuff than would fit in a standard 24' truck and knew that heading in but The team lead on the day of the move packed everything expertly into the truck so all we had left were some easy boxes rather than heavy pieces of furniture. 5) excellent communication throughout the entire process however it was rather inconvenient when I couldn't get ahold of the gentleman who came out to give us our quote in the last few days before the move. Every call I received from him was from a blocked number and when I attempted to return his call I got the main office who then had to leave a note and let him call me back again. We played tricky phone tag a couple days in a row but ultimately it all got settled with some perseverance.

Deepa J.

Local Residential Move from Azusa to Altadena

January 24, 2013

The movers were professional, efficient, friendly and made our move absolutely stress free. They got so much done within four hours that my husband and I were amazed and grateful.

Jane R.

Local Residential Move from Los Angeles to Altadena

December 6, 2012

The enthusiasm and positive attitude of the movers. Nick and Robert were very courteous and calming during a time when I was feeling very stressed out about moving. They were very helpful and worked really hard to make it a positive experience for me.

Tyson B.

Local Residential Move from Los Angeles to Altadena

May 23, 2012

Movers were very friendly and quick. I felt everything was done right and with the utmost care in handling my belongings.

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