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Josh G.

Local Residential Move in Agoura Hills

August 28, 2020

Jason K.

Local Residential Move in Agoura Hills

August 25, 2020

The team was fast, safe, and very motivated. Amazing job and beyond expectations in price and customer service.

Rachel R.

Local Residential Move from Culver City to Agoura Hills

August 16, 2020

They were friendly, quick and efficient. It was seemless getting from point A to. Point B. Everything was unloaded quickly ad in the right place.

Laura R.

Interstate Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Show Low

August 4, 2020

Sam S.

Local Residential Move from Oxnard to Agoura Hills

July 27, 2020

Tony H.

No Transport Residential Move in Agoura Hills

July 26, 2020

Very good

Brenda S.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Oxnard

July 24, 2020

After lengthy discussions on the phone to coordinate this move, the trucks provided were way too small, the crew was not able to efficiently and correctly pack our items. It took an inordinate amount of time. Our household was prepared-the 2 beds were dismantled, tv's were off walls, 2 bedrooms were essentially empty, all outdoor items were placed together in the center of an open court for easy access. Yet it took them 4.5 hours to get the trucks loaded. Upon arriving at the storage facility, they indicated immediately that the space provided and recommended by Meathead movers would not be able to facilitate our belongings. Upgrading to another unit, it was still too small and they SHOVED the remaining items into the unit. Placing a TV on top of a mattress against the door and pushing it in with the handle of a broom, using thier feet to kick the bottom items to squish inside the unit. Your office was closed. I had no other options but to allow them to do what was necessary to secure my possessions. They took their time unloading the last truck as I sat in my car and watched them. NO ONE RAN...EVER. I sent an email to resolve this issue. No one called me. I called and spoke with operations and they said that someone would call me back. NEVER happened. I will wait until Monday and then I will contest the charge on my CC. I still have not even received a receipt. Clearly this was organized to take the longest time possible. And for the record, I tipped each one of those young men even though I knew that the job was not done as it should have been. You were referred by my broker through Sotheby's. I will let them know that this is not a service that they should be referring their clients to as you have yet to resolve my issues.

Mona M.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Woodland Hills

July 20, 2020

These movers are efficient and dependable and have a no violence policy. I have really appreciated their services for both my moves. I will definitely call again.

Katie F.

Local Residential Move in Agoura Hills

June 29, 2020

Glenn H.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Ventura

May 26, 2020

Very friendly and hard working employees. Great communication skills.

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