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Josie S.

Local Residential Move from San Fernando to Agoura Hills

February 18, 2013

Movers were great!

Mikaela H.

Local Commercial Move in Agoura Hills

January 28, 2013

Everything went very smoothly and the guys acted very professionally.

Jennifer G.

Local Residential Move from N Hollywood to Agoura Hills

December 19, 2012

When we were given our "not to exceed" estimate (based on a walk through with a MeatHead estimator) we were not alerted that this was based on a certain number of hours. At a point in the move (before we were done loading) the movers said "well, we have 15 more minutes - what do you want to take?" This caused a great deal of stress and we are still working to remove the remaining items from our old house. We were willing to pay more (over $1000 more) than other estimates based on reviews by friends and others, but this has made the expenditure seem less wise. There were times where some of the movers were not working quickly or stood around waiting for other movers to help them for a few minutes at a time. If the estimate is based on time, then the movers should be continuously working. Additionally, there were only a few instances when the movers did in fact "jog" to get more boxes. I don't really care - I would rather have them expend energy on moving my stuff than running back to the house, but this certainly did slow down the move somewhat. Several of the movers were great though and certainly more than pulled their weight.

Cindy L.

Local Residential Move in Agoura Hills

August 29, 2012

Matthew G.

Local Residential Move in Agoura Hills

July 31, 2012

Professional service, friendly, clean-cut movers. Reasonable prices, committed to staying within our budget. Would absolutely recommend these guys in the future.

Robin C.

Local Residential Move from Thousand Oaks to Agoura Hills

June 30, 2012

Blair and Seth shattered both boxes of my dishes and rather than being upfront and apologizing, they hid them behind a piece of furniture for me to find after they had gone and received their cash tips. I've placed 3 calls to the office to discuss this unacceptable unprofessional incident and have not received a call back. When I spoke to the office again today they mentioned that Jeremy had noted he called me back - complete and total lie. In this day in age when we have caller ID that logs calls why would you attempt to be anything but truthful? I would ask that a senior manager contact me to discuss this situation ASAP.

Maggie P.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Oak Park

June 17, 2012

Great customer service before my move. The day of my move the Ben & Leon were wonderfully helpful from start to finish, and I was thoroughly impressed with how fast they were. I can absolutely recommend Meathead Movers.

Sarah K.

No Transport Residential Move in Agoura Hills

May 12, 2012

Michael L.

Local Residential Move from Woodland Hills to Agoura Hills

February 13, 2012

Guys were friendly, efficient, and made moving as pleasant as moving can be.

Kathleen B.

Local Residential Move from Agoura Hills to Pine Mountain Club

November 21, 2011

Organized,professional,and personable!

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