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Presenting Princess Packers

We are so thrilled to introduce the sister company to Meathead Movers: Princess Packers!

Princess Packers is just one more way we can give our clients an exceptional moving experience. Let’s face it, who would you rather have pack your valued belongings? A beefy jock, or a careful, meticulous Princess? Based on the feedback from our clients, it’s definitely the latter! Hence, the birth of Princess Packers. A Princess Packer is a professionally trained packer and organizer who has been through the extensive and time tested training at Meathead University. Our Princesses are the perfect complement to our strong, capable Meatheads and together we provide the PERFECT moving experience!

We’ve completed over 20,000 moves and the majority of our clients drastically underestimate the time and effort it takes to pack and prep their home for a move. When juggling work, family responsibilities, and the impending transition, who has time for taking on packing of an entire home? It’s not uncommon for our movers to show up on move day and the clients are either not ready (resulting in a longer, more expensive move) or completely sleep deprived and drained from being up all night packing. This results in unnecessary additional stress during what is already a very stressful time.

But why? Let a Princess pack your treasures! We show up prepared and ready to work, with all the materials and supplies needed to professionally and carefully pack your belongings. Your items will be packed so that no damage occurs during the move, and also in a neat, organized fashion that makes it easy to find things once you are in your new home. You can also expect the same that you get from Meathead Movers. Our Princesses are punctual, polite, and eager to help you have the best pack and move possible.

Besides the relief of having a professional carefully pack up your home, we also offer white glove service. We literally wear white gloves when handling silver pieces, brass serving ware, crystal, and photographs. We also leave all shelves and surfaces clean and dust free. We can even tuck in a dryer sheet when packing linens to keep it all fresh and smelling great! Besides all of that, our clients have the neat experience of giving back to the community just by using Princess Packers! Check it out:

For every single box packed by our Princesses, we are proud to donate $1 per box to The Cinderella Fund on your behalf. The Cinderella Fund provides grants to children whose families are suffering hardship. Whether it’s the child of a single mom who escaped domestic violence with the aid our local women’s shelter programs or one with a parent stricken with cancer, we aim to help these children fulfill their dreams by providing resources to nurture their development in athletics, the arts, and education. We donate $1 per box packed by our Princesses, and the fund is administered by non-profits in the communities we serve.

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