Honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Purple is more than a color to us the month of October. October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to recognize the struggles of those affected by domestic violence. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month we have pledged to wear purple wristbands stating, “Real Men Don’t Hit Women.” Not only are movers wearing wristbands when conducting moves, but they are gifting ALL clients wristbands in hopes to raise awareness and put an end to domestic violence.Wristbands

From the inception of Meathead Movers, founding brothers Aaron and Evan Steed would receive frantic phone calls from victims reaching out for help to flee an abusive situation. It became evident that they had an important calling to offer their tools and services to give back to the community. In 2001, we made our first official affiliation with a domestic violence shelter to vet moves for victims of domestic violence. Today, we partner with eight shelters throughout California to offer free emergency moves. The company takes the opportunity to celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness Month to honor the cause, provide support to those affected by abuse, and hopefully inspire other businesses to give back too.

The Importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) provides an opportunity for the community to come together and support survivors. It is a time to educate ourselves about the signs of abuse and learn how to offer assistance. This is why we offer additional support to our partnering domestic violence shelters to sponsor and assist with fundraising events. You will see Meathead Movers supporting the community during DVAM by assisting with the following events:

Interface Children and Family Services
Hope & Light Gala
Saturday, September 9th, 2023

Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara
Candlelight Vigil – Santa Maria
Thursday, October 5th 2023

SAFE Family Justice Centers
Swing for SAFE golf tournament
Monday, October 9th, 2023

Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara
15th Annual Domestic Violence Solutions Luncheon – Montecito
Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Good Shepherd Shelter
Breaking the Chain of Domestic Violence
Sunday, October 22nd, 2023

Lumina Alliance
Celebrate Community Festival and Walk for Survivors
Saturday, October 28th, 2023

Nonprofit work

By highlighting DVAM, we hope to shine a light on our commitment to philanthropy and make a positive impact for other businesses. We bring attention to the cause more than ever during the month of October, as it serves as an important opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence. In this important month, let’s stand together and support the survivors, raise awareness, and work towards a future free from domestic violence.

How Meathead Offers a Helping Hand for Survivors

We understand the confidentiality, urgency and delicate nature of emergency moves for victims of domestic violence. Our free emergency moving service is designed to provide a safe and efficient means of escape for those in need. Here’s how it works:

  1. Victims reach out to one of the eight partnered shelters for assistance.
  2. The shelters then connect with Meathead Movers to coordinate the move.
  3. Meathead Movers’ team of trained professionals carefully plans and executes the move, ensuring the utmost care and confidentiality.
  4. Victims are provided with a dedicated moving crew who understand the unique needs and challenges of domestic violence survivors.
  5. The move is conducted quickly and efficiently, ensuring victims can start a new life in a safe environment as soon as possible.

Our commitment to providing free emergency moves demonstrates our dedication to support victims of domestic violence and make a difference in their lives.

How It Makes Our Employees Feel

We are a company that understands the importance of lending a helping hand to victims of domestic violence.

As CEO Aaron Steed believes, “it’s a good lesson for the men and women in the company to be part of the solution and not the problem. In a dramatic and meaningful way, they learn what it feels like to give back to those in need.”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Through our support, We don’t only provide moving services, but also offer a lifeline to those in need. 9-year veteran of the company and Temecula Operations Manager Jeremy Simpson, shares an experience he will never forget:

“I reported to work to learn I was assigned to an ‘Emergency DV Move.’  I immediately understood the severity of the service. When we arrived at the address the authorities were posted right out front of the property. We were greeted by an anxious woman at the front door who quickly gave our crew a walkthrough of the house to let us know what items were to be moved. During the walkthrough it was apparent that something awful had recently occurred. Her belongings were disheveled, and it appeared as though a struggle had occurred in the bedroom of the home. The crew worked fast and barely said anything outside of commands during the entire load. We were able to complete the loading phase without any interruptions. Once we arrived at the destination to unload the items, the environment was noticeably calmer. Throughout the unload, we were able to engage more and more with our client. The client kindly offered to buy us pizza for lunch. We politely declined, as we didn’t want to impose on the client, yet she ultimately took matters into her own hands and ordered pizza for the crew. As everyone stood over two large boxes of pizza on the counter, we shared what I would consider to be a very special moment for me. The client expressed her gratitude for the free service that Meathead Movers provided. She even went on to state, ‘I do not know what I would have done if not for your help.’ That was the first moment I saw her smile that day. Through the tears in her eyes, she thanked us.”

Our dedication to helping victims of domestic violence becomes one of the most rewarding parts of working for Meathead Movers. Our actions not only serve a greater good to the victims fleeing abusive situations but offer an important lesson to the men and women representing the company. The movers value their ability to make a significant difference in the world for those who need it most: 9-year veteran for the company, Regional Director of Operations Erin Norton shares how his crews sense accomplishment:

“We arrived to the DV move before the victim. While we were waiting for the victim, the abuser was watching us from the front porch. The situation immediately became complex, making us feel uneasy. When the client finally arrived, we noticed the client’s minivan had busted windows. When we introduced ourselves to the client, she let us know that the abuser had done this to her vehicle the night before. She was clearly upset and overwhelmed with emotions about her situation. We moved her out quickly. When we arrived at her new place, we could literally see the stress melt away as we unloaded her belongings. She was very thankful at the end of the day. I could tell the crew felt a sense of accomplishment for helping this victim of domestic violence.”

We understand the urgency and delicate nature of these moves, and our compassionate approach makes a significant impact on the lives of survivors and the helping hands assisting the victims.

8-year veteran of the company, Sales Manager Jenny Bierbaum shares how her assistance impacts the victims, as well as herself:

“It is always heartbreaking to receive the phone calls from the victims. They are always the hardest. We stay on the phone with them as long as they need. By the end of the call, they always thank us for listening and being understanding. We give them a way out of their dangerous situation when it seems impossible. We show them that there is someone who cares about them and thinks they’re worthy.”

The work we do to support victims of domestic violence goes beyond just the move itself and teaches the men and women representing the company the importance of giving back to the community. In a month dedicated to raising awareness about domestic violence, it is inspiring to see employees step up to be the helping hands for victims.  We are committed to offering our services to those in need to help make the world a better place and we couldn’t do it without our partnering domestic violence shelters. 

The Importance of our Shelter Partnerships

We understand that a successful partnership is key to ensuring safe and reliable moves for victims of domestic violence. That’s why we have partnered with eight shelters to ensure that every move is carefully vetted and executed with utmost care. The partnership between Meathead Movers and these shelters is crucial in order to keep our movers and the survivors safe.

Fresno Territory Sales Manager Michael Bronze has serviced many emergency moves. Yet, he shares his experience of how truly impactful the partnership with the domestic violence shelters can be:

“I was working at a community event, and I had a stranger pull me aside to share her story on how Meathead Movers saved her life. She shared that if it wasn’t for Majaree Mason Center and Meathead Movers, she would have never been able to escape to her dangerous situation.”

By working hand in hand with domestic violence shelters, we can offer a seamless and efficient process for victims who are seeking to escape abusive situations. The shelters act as a trusted resource, vetting the moves and connecting victims with the necessary assistance. This partnership guarantees that victims receive the help they need and deserve.

Our work with the domestic violence shelters received national attention back in 2015. On the heels of this national attention, we launched MTEDV (Move to End Domestic Violence) encouraging other businesses nationwide to step up and make an impact in their local communities. MTEDV became the heart of our partnerships, as it signifies our dedication to making a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by domestic violence. By working closely with shelters, and influencing other businesses to help, we can offer a holistic approach to support by addressing the unique needs and challenges of each individual. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of survivors, one move at a time.

Other Ways to Get Involved in Domestic Violence Prevention and Support

If you’re passionate about domestic violence prevention and want to make a difference, there are many ways you can get involved. One of the most impactful ways is to support local domestic violence shelters and organizations. These organizations rely on volunteers and donations to continue providing vital services to survivors. You can donate your time by volunteering at a shelter or helping to organize fundraising events. Additionally, spreading awareness is key to prevention. Use your voice to educate others about the signs of domestic violence and the resources available for survivors. You can also advocate for policy changes that support survivors and hold abusers accountable. Remember, small actions can make a big difference. Together, we can create a future free from domestic violence.

Act Before It’s Too Late

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call your local police station, or get in touch with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which is open 24/7 at 800-799-7233. You can also text “START” to 88788.

If you need assistance locating a domestic violence shelter near you visit The Domestic Violence Finder

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