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Do Good Box

Introducing the Do Good Box!

We are very excited to debut a project we have been working on for quite a while: the Do Good Box! So, what, you ask, is a Do Good Box? Besides it being our first ever sparkling white box, the Do Good Box is helping local animal shelters, literacy programs, and food banks in local communities across California.

Meathead Movers will take your unwanted items and donate them to charity. Markup the do good box and do some good.These Do Good boxes are an easy way for you to support great local causes, while also saving you money on move day! By donating the often heavy and bulky items requested, you avoid having to move them.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book your move with Meathead Movers
  • Our friendly Move Coordinators will tour your home with you, collecting important information to meet you family’s needs with a fully custom move
  • You will be presented with our eye-catching Do Good boxes at no cost to you
  • Indicate which cause you would like to support with your donated items
  • As you pack for your upcoming move, fill the Do Good boxes with items like books, old linens, canned foods, and other goods requested by animal shelters, and literacy programs
  • On Move Day, our student-athlete movers will collect the boxes and deliver them at no cost to you

If you are reading this in preparation for your move, you may be curious about what the different causes need. Animal shelters are grateful for old (clean) towels, canned food, and unopened dry food. Our local literacy programs are thrilled to receive donated books and DVDs. Even if they aren’t put into circulation, they can be sold at Friends of the Library fundraisers that help support the various literacy programs. Food banks welcome all donations of canned foods and non-perishables.

It’s been so exciting to roll out this program with the support of our clients! Not only do you have great taste in movers (obviously) we know our clients are a generous, community-minded group. Together we are doing great things!

Since we rolled out the Do Good box program earlier this year, we have delivered nearly 1,000lbs of helpful items to non-profits all over the state. Here is to hitting a full ton by the end of 2017!

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