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Mattew Esty

Territory Sales Manager

Matt Etsy is the Territory Sales Manager for San Luis Obispo County. Matt originally hails from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, but now calls the beautiful Central Coast home. After enduring enough Minnesota winters, Matt, his wife, and four daughters moved to SLO and haven’t looked back. They are grateful they followed friends to the area, as they have fallen in love with everything SLO has to offer: the pace of life, friendly people, incredible scenery, and, of course, the weather!

Matt attended the University of Duluth-Minnesota and played soccer and hockey. Before joining Meathead Movers, Matt seasoned his sales experience as a Territory Sales Manager for General Motors’ accessory division. He has eight years of sales management experience. He enjoys networking, building relationships with clients, and working with a goal-oriented team. The company-wide professional training and coaching inspired Matt to work with Meathead Movers. He was also drawn to the company’s involvement in the community. When giving back, he follows Lifewater International and Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

When not at work, Matt enjoys traveling and being outdoors. You can find him hiking around Montana de Oro, mountain biking the scenic hills of San Luis Obispo, weightlifting, cooking, dining at Ember Restaurant, or spending time with his family.