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Callum Dunn

Ventura County Territory Sales Manager

Callum Dunn is the Territory Sales Manager for Ventura County. He hails from Cape Town, South Africa, hence his charming accent. Callum discovered Meathead Movers when he moved to the beautiful Central Coast of California to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he earned his degree in Business. Callum thoroughly enjoyed living in San Luis Obispo, especially because it is the hometown and location of Meathead Movers’ headquarters.

Callum began his career with Meathead Movers as an athlete mover. He was drawn to the company for its work culture. He specifically values the coaching mentality that pushes him to grow professionally and personally. He is a fast learner, competitive, and strives to be the best. With his hard work ethic and drive, he quickly became a Team Captain on the Operations Team. With his ambition to learn more, he transitioned to the Sales Department as a Move Coordinator. With his experience on the Operations Team and as a Move Coordinator, Callum has gained significant experience and insight into coordinating moves.

Callum will never forget his roots and continues to love his home country, South Africa. He hopes to return one day to launch or represent a business that helps the people and economy. Until then, he is extremely excited to represent Meathead Movers at the Oxnard branch. When Callum is not at work, you can find him surfing at the beach or practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.