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Adam D.'s Princesses Packed 94 Boxes

Thank You Adam

Cinderella Fund

All of us hope you enjoyed our princesses who packed your treasures! Because Adam used Princess Packers $94.00 will be donated to the local Cinderella Fund. We hope you enjoyed your Princess Packers and would greatly appreciate if you would consider sharing your Princess Packers experiences with your friends. We encourage you to click on your favorite Princesses and share your thoughts!

Joseph Bernal Has completed over 238 moves! Football Baseball

Joseph Bernal

Height: 5' 8"     Weight: 170 Lbs.
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Bio: Hello my name is Joseph, I came to Meathead because they pay well and work around my school schedule. My goal is to work in marketing for a business.

Gilio Hennigan Has completed over 114 moves! Baseball

Gilio Hennigan

Height: 6' 0"     Weight: 185 Lbs.
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Bio: Hello name is Gilio. I came to Meathead Movers to save money and have Fun. My goal is to have a job in government.

Suzette Sanchez Has completed over 407 moves! Running Cheer Swimming Soccer Cross-country Skiing

Suzette Sanchez

Hometown: Santa Ana, Ca.
Bio: Hello I'm Suzette! I came to Meathead for a new experience. My goal is to earn my Masters degree and become a teacher.

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