The Meathead Difference: Attended Meathead University

Training starts at Meathead Movers immediately.  From the first phone call when we set up an interview with a potential team member, we are setting the expectation to show up on time, dress to impress and be prepared to do customer service role-playing.  The hiring process takes multiple interviews and includes a criminal background check, DMV check, and memorization of our mission statement. Finally, all applicants must get an “A” on a three page written and oral test. 

After an applicant is hired, we pay them to observe multiple moving jobs (not moving anything) so the expectation is clear and none of our clients ever feel like they are getting a rookie crew.  Our continuous training program was mimicked from the US ARMED FORCES where supervisors sign off vouching for competency in our proprietary moving systems, procedures and company knowledge.  Upon completing the rigorous training program, Meatheads earn promotions and different ranks and responsibilities as they move up through the training process. 

In addition, every two weeks, we have additional training that includes safe work practices, OSHA requirements etc.  We also have a Vehicle Safety Program as well as incentive programs to not damage furniture and be safe on the job. Every month, we review with our Mentors (Meathead Managers) what we’re doing well and where there are areas for improvement.  We always review at these meetings any damage that may have happened, what we could have done to prevent it, and updates (if any) to our procedures we have made to capture the knowledge in our ever-improving training program.