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Meathead Profile: Justin Pieper

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My name is Justin Pieper. I was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where I spent most of my free time either with the Sheboygan wresting team during the winter, disc golfing or other outside sports during the summer to keep in shape. After high school which, a semester early, I graduated in 2006 from, I joined up with the United States Marine Corps. While in the Corps I studied to be a Combat Engineer, working with bridges, explosives and construction. Discharged honorably, I returned to Wisconsin to care for my terminally ill mother. After her passing I relocated to San Luis Obispo to begin my adult civilian life with my beautiful massage therapist girlfriend. From here I plan on establishing myself financially and focusing on my future goals which include starting school in a career where I can show off my skills and knowledge gained from my experiences and training during my time as a Marine, which would translate to some level of management where I can be a leader that my men look up to, while being a driving force in the company I work. PERSONAL GOAL STATEMENT: I came to Meathead Movers in search of my idea of a perfect job. My personal goal is to be a Operations Manager for a Meathead Movers branch, where I can oversee daily operations while ensuring a flawless work day for my peers. Meathead can help me achieve this goal by managing dozens of employees, practicing problem solving, receiving leadership training and building a network of successful people.



6' 1"


165 Lbs.


Sheboygan, WI


10,337 (#32)


Fresno Operations Manager

Team Member Since:


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