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Meathead of the Month | Steven Campbell

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Author: Aaron Dee

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This month, Steven Campbell celebrates two years with Meathead Movers, and though that may not sound like the longest tenure, he’s come a long way. Starting as an entry-level Meathead, Steven made his way up the chain of command, now serving as our coordinator. He manages up to about 20 moves a day, and his efforts in making sure our employees pull off the most efficient and effective moves are being rewarded with the esteemed designation of Meathead for the month of September.

Steven in a Nutshell:

  • Organized
  • Goal-oriented
  • Supportive
  • Resourceful
  • A genuinely nice guy

Steven Campbell Meathead of the Month

Steven’s Story

The Man Behind the Move
You may not see Steven Campbell on moving day, but believe me, he’s there.

He’s our man behind the scenes; organizing the day-to-day operations, tracking our fleet of trucks and Meatheads, and making sure things run smoothly. If there are any surprises, he’s the problem solver. And while sitting behind a desk in front of computer monitors and phone consoles may not sound as glamorous as working the glory muscles out of the back of a truck, it means the difference between a successful or sometimes even disastrous workday for the 30 to 40 employees depending on him on any given day.

“Of course, I like the moving, the workout. I could do that every day,” Steven told us. “But my job now is a lot of working with teams, learning about my workforce, and managing the jobs smoothly. And I find it rewarding.”

Steven grew up in Davis, west of Sacramento, and moved to San Luis Obispo to pursue a degree in industrial technology at Cal Poly. He said he remembers childhood trips to Pismo Beach with his family, with whom he’s extremely close, and actually ended up moving to SLO County with three of his cousins to attend school. Fast-forward to 2011, and he’s graduated from college, and soon began his career in the moving industry. Of course, he wanted to stick around.

“After school, everyone went back home or got jobs in San Francisco,” he said. “But I love the beach and the sun, and in Davis it’s like 90-something degrees right now. I’m over that. I wanted to stay here.”

We hired him in September 2011 as an entry-level meathead, doing the heavy lifting as a basic mover, but based on his early leadership skills, he soon was promoted to super-meathead, then as a mentor, where he drove our larger trucks as the head of his own crew. It wasn’t long after that when he earned his position as coordinator.

And though we kind of feel guilty keeping him in the office all day, we couldn’t be happier with the job he’s doing.

His work ethic demands that his job keeps him very busy, but Steven still finds the time to work out at least twice a week, and is looking forward to revisiting one of his favorite high school sports—swimming.

“After a while, you just miss it, being in the water,” he said. “I want to get back into it, but just for fun this time.”

A Born Manager
If you ask Steven what drives his work ethic and attention to detail, he can be pretty blunt.

“I just give a damn, I guess,” replied.

His latter courses for his college degree required a certain level of management experience, working with teams of students as a component of Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy. His job as a student, working at the Cal Poly Warehouse—while technically just beneath management level on paper—had him basically administering a crew of up to 10 people.

“After working there so long, you just realize how everything works,” Steven said.

Of his job today, he said he takes satisfaction not in telling coworkers what to do, but in getting their backs.

“It could be spending long hours and long days. But I don’t like the feeling of letting people down,” he said. “It may be cliché or whatever but I do like to give a 110 percent so that I know they’re pleased.”

In the future, Steven said he wants to continue in management, but perhaps in the packaging industry, combining his experience with Meathead Movers as well as his packaging minor earned at Cal Poly.

“But I guess for now, I’m just really happy to just continue building up my management experience here,” Steven said. “It’s going to help me in the future one way or another.”

Other Great Details

A Lover of the Classics
Earn brownie points with Steven by talking wise about classic rap and hip-hop. His favorite album? Dr. Dre’s epic 2001.

Good Depth Perception
Though he’s not big into the nightlife these days, he’s actually a star beer pong player. He and his good buddy, teammates in a beer pong league, have won tournaments at both SLO Brew and Marston’s Bar and Grill. Next stop: Las Vegas!

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