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Meathead of the Month | A.J. Clarey

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Author: Aaron Dee

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A J Clarey and Landon Torgerson

Meet Anthony Clarey, or A.J., as we know him here at Meathead Movers. We also know the guy a few other ways—as an athlete, a professional, a mentor and an all-around born leader. He’s been with us for nearly three years at our San Luis Obispo headquarters, but recently agreed to relocate to our newest location in Orange County to head up day-to-day operations as a crew coordinator. Basically, A.J.’s the guy with his feet on the ground, ensuring our clients’ moving experience goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. He consistently goes above and beyond and has wildly exceeded our expectations, and we would like to thank him with this small token of our appreciation. Thanks for everything, A.J.!

A.J. in a nutshell:

  • Born leader
  • Mentor
  • Athletic
  • Professional
  • Dependable
  • Civic-minded

A.J’s Story

Movin’ up
At 22, A.J. rose pretty quickly through job titles and responsibilities here at Meathead Movers, first starting as an entry-level mover at our San Luis Obispo headquarters in August 2011.

Today, A.J. heads his own move teams as a crew coordinator. In other words, he drives the trucks, organizes the move, and is the point of contact between the client and the crew on move day. But beyond the day-to-day operations, A.J. Not only carries out all the needed training, but also acts as mentor, showing the newer guys the ropes, and teaching them what it means to be a Meathead Mover, reinforcing the qualities and expectations we have for all of our employees.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, A.J. Has taken on some of our more intensive out-of-town, over-the-weekend moves. That figures, when you consider that this a guy who does just about anything as long as it involves exercise, the outdoors, and a little adrenaline—football, riding dirt bikes, hunting, shooting.

“You name it and I'll try it,” he said recently.

But it's not enough to try his hand at a given challenge. He masters it. And ends up leading others through it. As such A.J. Said he enjoys his job with us, where he can work with other young guys his age who share his same passions and excitement for the challenge.

Moreover, he takes a genuine interest in seeing his fellow movers succeed. Errors on the job will happen, but what makes A.J. most proud of the work is watching his team members learn from a mistake and not make it twice.

“It's great. You feel like you never left the sports team,” he said. “You have your captains and you have the players. I like the captain role.”

Steps above the rest
In keeping with the Meathead ethos, A.J. helps us select and train the finest candidates for the company. As you may know, Meathead Movers has very specific expectations of our employees. Before a hire, the applicant undergoes an extensive criminal background check and will routinely be subject to random drug screenings to ensure he or she is fulfilling their obligation to our high standards. Crew leaders like A.J. help reinforce those standards.

“Meathead is such where we don't just hire any deadbeat. We're top notch,” he said.
“I think of it as if I had a family, would I want these guys standing in the room with my wife or daughter? And with us, people know we can be trusted—not just with not doing anything bad, but to get the job done right.”

As proof, Meathead Movers and coordinators like A.J. Ensure we keep our bragging rights to having the lowest breakage-to-move ratio in the industry.

“We're a leader in the workforce,” he added.

A J Clarey and Aaron Steed

It was a bit sad to see him move on from San Luis Obispo—a city he called home for many years—but it's for the above reasons we selected A.J. to head up operations at our new branch in Santa Ana as we expand our company into Orange County.

Asked how he liked it at the new location, A.J. said: “It's great. [Our services] are a little harder to sell to people, as we're not as established down here yet, but once people find out about what we do, word will get around.”

After a recent move, where A.J. and his team moved a family from Valley Center all the way to San Luis Obispo over the course of a weekend, the clients were so grateful and impressed, they thanked the entire team with a $1500 tip. That's one happy customer! And just the kind of service we strive to provide each and every move. With guys like A.J. at the helm, we suspect word will get around quick.

Asked how he felt about being honored as April's Meathead of the Month, A.J. was more than a little humble.

“I would have to say that [company co-founder] Aaron [Steed] personally hired me and I wouldn't be here without him,” A.J. said. “I'm insanely appreciative of them putting my name and face to be the one to open a new branch.”

Class act, right? Back at you, A.J.! Thanks for all the hard work.

A J at the Lake with friends

Other Great Details

A.J. takes part in and promotes Meathead Movers' involvement with local women's shelters and the Cinderella Fund with promotions like Ladies' Night Out and offering free moves to women escaping domestic violence situations.

Always down for a good laugh, A.J.'s favorite movies usually include some of the old school Saturday Night Live alum such as Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. When it's time for a little action, it's time for his #1 favorite film of all time, Tombstone.

Meant for management
He studied business management at Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo.

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