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Meathead Movers Answers National Call for Summer Jobs . . . and proud of it!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Author: Aaron Steed

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Tags: Corporate Culture, Movers, Student-Athletes

The Perfect Summer Job

Struggle for Student Jobs

Across the country, economic times are tough for people under 25. It seems that lately, whenever I turn on the news there are stories about students overwhelmed by student loans, unable to find jobs, and moving back in with their parents. I am grateful that my brother and I had the opportunity to follow our dream when we were younger. Things were definitely not always easy, and there were times we lived on ramen noodles, lived at the office and would shower at friends’ houses, but with hard work we were able to make it.

We started this company so we could earn income while accommodating our studies and extra-curricular activities, and are proud to offer the same opportunity to others. Students shouldn’t have to decide between work or going to school. Our employees can sign up for as many or few hours as they want and we will do whatever we can to accommodate their school and athletic commitments because we understand what it’s like to be a struggling student athlete trying to prove themselves in this challenging world.

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It’s not just our American Dream we’re working towards . . .

Our company is unique because a majority of our employees are under the age of 25. Because of how uniquely we can accommodate a student’s schedule, we attract them in large numbers. But something that makes us most proud is when they choose Meathead for their long-term career. Many of the men and women are still in school and juggling their classes and work schedule when we hire them. At Meathead Movers, our employees decide how much they want to grow with the company, and can take advantage of training and mentoring opportunities to work toward promotion. Instead of an unpaid internship, our employees learn on-the-job skills while getting a paycheck as well as tips. My brother Evan and I love the energy and ambition of our employees, and are inspired by their passion to do their best, like any great sports team. We see that this generation believes they can do anything, gives back to their community, and wants to pursue the American dream just like their parents and grandparents.

Our general manager, Angela, started working with us five years ago as a Customer Service Representative and now she is the General Manager and oversees 200 employees in three offices. Angela proved herself, worked her way up within the organization and is now earning individually more than the household median income in her community. Additionally, Scott Patterson and Jeremy Scriven have both started as movers over 10 years ago with Meathead Movers and now they manage operations and sales for the Ventura/Los Angeles branch offices. Both Scott and Jeremy are now recently married and purchased their own homes in the past few years.

We're Hiring!

This year, we plan to add over 100 jobs within our operating area. We’re looking for clean-cut, friendly and polite men and women with positive attitudes and a killer work ethic. Nothing makes us happier than cheering on our employees as they earn promotions, buy their first new (or new-to-them) car, or their first homes. We hope to be cheering on many more Meatheads and Princesses this year.

Think you have what it takes to succeed with Team Meathead? Get started by applying for a job here.

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