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Like, OMG! Hear what Lindsay Lohan’s movers did?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Author: Erin Steed

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Tags: Movers, Moving, Moving Tips

aka, Reason #4,523 to Use Meathead Movers

Lingerie Drawer

Say what you will about Miss Lohan, but NO ONE deserves for this to happen on their move. 

Read the recent TMZ article, One of My Movers Is Selling Me Out.

Lindsay LohanHaving your privacy invaded and your personal security threatened is perhaps the most horrifying of all the moving horror stories we've heard, and we've heard plenty!

That this is happening is sad, but not surprising given the lax (if any) hiring standards most moving companies have. And the common use of day laborers means that the people you are letting in your home have zero accountability, so what's to stop them from stealing, taking inappropriate pictures, or lifting an old bank deposit slip? Even if you aren't an infamous starlet, no one wants that to happen.

As LA's favorite moving company Meathead Movers moves celebrities on a regular basis.   Once the celebs and their assistants experience how professional, discreet, and efficient our student-athlete movers are, we are quickly added to their retinue of trusted professionals.  Glamorous soap stars, hunky action heroes and wacky reality personalities alike call us on a regular basis, knowing a picture of one of our sleek black moving trucks at their home won't grace the pages of US Weekly or Star Magazine (unless, of course, a crafty publicist angling for more media chatter for their client leaks it--wink wink).

Our hearts go out to Lindsay Lohan as she deals with this, and it seems this is just one more lesson we can all learn from her.

Hey Lindsay, Give us a all next time you need to move

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